Introducing . . . Strengthening The Brethren Ministries

"Building Up the Brethren & Defending The Faith"

This ministry desired to teach believers to reach their full spiritual maturity.  They should become "Strong Meat Christians!"

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How to Study Your Bible

Why study the bible?  We are instructed to "study to show ourselves approved unto God" (2 Timothy 2:15)  How exactly can we do that?

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Victorious Christian Living

The Bible way to spiritual maturity!

We can't do it in our own strength.  How can Christians be victorious?

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Since 1993

Building Your House . . . Biblically

We emphasize:

The Word of God - the inspired Scriptures must form the foundation of our home.  The includes encouraging believers to exercise their right to Home School their children in the fear of the Lord.

The Importance of Prayer - learning how to pray Scripture, keeping a Prayer Journal, using "All Prayer" as one of the essential weapons in our armor.

Reading About Great Believers - accurate Church History and the Problem of Revisionism

Stewardship/Money Management - time as a resource, learning to be Content, the importance of Frugality, and seeing God work in miraculous ways to meet practical needs.

Being an Example vs. a Follower - how to Stand Alone, and how to be Separate.

If this is an expression of your heart as it is ours, come and join with us.